I am delighted to offer a story of my journey with Shelley Amato.

I have been working with Shelley for a couple of months now and we are addressing stomach issues, inflammatory concerns and asthma. I knew that diet was key to helping my body heal. Shelley was quick to prepare an anti-inflammatory plan of action with supplements and dietary recipes and meal plans. It was an all-in-one package that made my work so easy to implement.

This is an ongoing journey of detective work to find the sources and antagonists of my medical problems. I am grateful for the time and careful attention that Shelley has given to me. I am seeing positive results and it is very encouraging to know that we have so many options to choose from in this scientific method.

Shelley is always prepared ahead of each consultation with a new plan of action. This is very reassuring because we can keep moving forward in addressing any new outcomes and planning for the next steps of the journey.

I feel very confident that anyone who wishes to receive the newest, cutting edge, functional medicine therapies it is here. I believe that this complimentary form of treatment is compatible with our other traditional medical treatments and will enhance the success of our healing.

I am so very grateful and wish to let others know that I would encourage them to consult with Shelley.

You will be well cared for and learn a great deal. This has been the best decision I have ever made for my journey to health and wellness.

Thank you Shelley!
- D.H

I have known Shelley for over 25 years starting our careers together as dietitians. She has been a dear friend, colleague and mentor, not just for me, but many other RD's, students and clients. She is one of the most driven and knowledgeable dietitians I have ever worked with...

I have had the opportunity to consult with her on numerous occasions regarding my own clients in my private practice. She goes above and beyond to help her clients and colleagues get to the root cause of complicated situations and find a solution that best suits the person. She is extremely committed and compassionate toward each individual she works with. She is a true scholar in the field of Nutrition always learning and improving herself so that she can provide optimal care to her clients. The world certainly needs more Shelley Amato's.

- Sylvia Colucci, RD, IFNCP
San Francisco, California

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Shelley has been so wonderful to work with. She is very knowledgeable and truly meets you where you are at so you don’t feel overwhelmed. She helped me with some digestive and skin issues.
Thank you for all your help and guidance. I truly appreciate it.

We went at my own pace and I couldn’t be happier. I am very grateful that I had and have the opportunity to work with her.

- A.L

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Thanks, Shelley! Your knowledge and caring personality are very much helpful and soothing to my current situation :)

- R.H

Being a client of Shelley Amato, Integrative Registered Dietitian has afforded me a great wealth of knowledge concerning my different conditions as well as helping me with those conditions...

Through counselling with diet and supplements, I have achieved success with weight loss, joint issues, and gut issues. I find that she is always interested in feedback and will help resolve conditions you are having with alternate solutions if needed. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs a Registered Dietitian and a bonus is that she is an Integrative Dietitian.

- J.B

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Seeking a dietitian was high on my priority list, especially dealing with gastrointestinal issues and an autoimmune disorder. Thankfully Shelley Amato came highly recommended by my Osteopath Doctor.

Shelley addresses the main culprit of inflammation within the body and set me on the right track towards healing the gut through effective nutrition and proper supplementation. The nutritional supplement Digestzymes was the catalyst of controlling and healing the GERD issues. We also improved the microbiome and worked on dysbiosis and bacterial overgrowth in the small intestine.

Shelley uses highly effective supplements to address the problems at hand.

The difference in my gut is amazing and I am currently in remission now from Microscopic Colitis and no longer suffering from GERD attacks and ongoing constipation and painful gas.

With Shelley’s expertise and knowledge, I am no longer suffering from years of reflux/indigestion. Proper treatment is now in place and I can finally enjoy eating once again.

Shelley is a very personable caring consultant who takes a great deal of interest in addressing all factors around the symptom thus making effective recommendations!

Shelley is very passionate about her work as a registered dietitian and takes her time to get to know her patients in order to resolve the issues at hand!

I certainly recommend Shelley Amato to anyone suffering from gut disorders, autoimmune disorders and/or simply seeking a plan that works best for optimal health.

Thanks so much Shelley for making my tummy happy once again!

- M.R

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